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Returned Students: Share Your Experience

Global Temple Conference

Below are just a few examples of how you can stay involved. If you have other suggestions ideas that you feel would be beneficial to returning study abroad participants, please feel free to be in touch with us.  

Join the Study Abroad Ambassador Program

If you are eager to talk to other Temple students about your experiences overseas and hope to encourage more Temple students to study abroad, we have the perfect opportunity for you! We're looking for students with excellent communication, presentation, and creative skills, as well as enthusiasm for study abroad, to join our Study Abroad Ambassadors program. Becoming an Ambassador is a great way to continue processing the lessons you learned abroad and build your resume.

As an Ambassador, you'll join a network of globally-minded students, have the opportunity to talk with prospective study abroad students about your experiences, and even develop materials and presentations based on study abroad topics of interest to you. You'll assist with study abroad promotional efforts, provide basic advising to prospective study abroad students, and participate in study abroad information sessions and special events throughout the semester, including study abroad fairs.

Study Abroad Ambassadors commit to volunteering at 2 events per semester and serving as a contact for students. Additionally, participation in the Study Abroad Ambassador training is required.

Ambassador Applications are due every year in July. The 2021-2022 Ambassador Program Application is will open in May, 2021.

Become an Education Abroad student volunteer

Share your experiences with other students at Temple! Student volunteers agree to volunteer at study abroad events and create a Student Profile. Look for emails from the Education Abroad office about upcoming events.

Participate in the annual Global Temple Conference

Consider submitting a proposal for the annual Global Temple Conference! Held every November, this day-long symposium features student, staff and faculty research, plus a variety of programs and creative ventures. We welcome proposals for various formats-–papers, panel discussions, posters, films, performances, & exhibits—organized broadly around four pillars of university excellence: scholarship, teaching, creativity, and service.

Returned students are encouraged to organize their own panels and submit orginal work for presentation.

Contribute alumni profiles or posts

We are looking for alumni to share how their experiences abroad shaped their future path on our blog or social media. Did your study abroad journey alter your future plans or help you prepare for your career? If you are interested in contributing, please send your submissions to study.abroad@temple.edu. Be sure to include your name, program, program location, and title of your submission. All submissions will be reviewed before being posted.

Submit photos and videos

Do you have great photos or videos you would like to share from your time abroad? If so, now is your chance! Education Abroad is looking for photos, videos and other media to use in publications, on our website, and in promotional materials such as our student blog and newsletters.

Submitting Photos:

Please rename your photos using the following format before uploading: firstname_lastname_location_studyabroadterm.jpg

gif, png, and bmp are also supported file extensions.

Files can be renamed by right-clicking on the file and selecting "rename"

To submit photos, videos or other media:

  1. Upload your media to your Google drive
  2. Share that Google drive folder with study.abroad@temple.edu

If you are contributing photos, please submit the highest resolution files you have, so that they will have a better chance of meeting printing requirements.  

By submitting photos, videos or any other form of media you agree to the following:

“I consent to the reproduction and use of my photo(s), video(s), and/or  written work (with or without my name), with the consent of the producing agent(s), by any nominee or designee or the university, its various subsidiaries, agents and employees, including any publisher, periodical, studio or other agency contractor. Consent shall involve the use of my photo, video or written work for any educational purposes, including instruction, display to professional organizations, and advertising thereof. This consent, as stated above, shall be a continuing consent.”

We’re excited to see what you have to share from your experience!