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Artena, Italy

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Picture yourself in Artena
Picture yourself in Artena
Picture yourself in Artena
Picture yourself in Artena
Students excavating
Picture yourself in Artena
Jan Gadeyne teaching on site
Picture yourself in Artena
Artena, Italy
Picture yourself in Artena
Excavated pottery
Picture yourself in Artena
Floor in Artena
Picture yourself in Artena
summer 2015 student excavating
Picture yourself in Artena

Excavation of the Roman Villa in Artena

Students in the course will participate at the excavation of a Roman villa in Artena, a small hill town approximately 40 miles south-east of Rome, under the direction of Temple University Rome faculty member and archaeologist Jan Gadeyne and his colleague Cécile Brouillard, who works for the French Institute for Preventive Archaeology (INRAP).

Read about the excavation site and hear more about the program from the Program Director in the video below.


Program dates

Early June through early July


Artena is a small hilltown located approximately 40 miles southeast of Rome.

Academic program

Students enroll in an excavation course for three credits, which includes learning how to read stratigraphies, artifacts and building fragments in order to reconstruct the development of the site in time and place. You will actively be a part of the excavation process "from the pickaxe to the pencil," learning to collect, describe, identify and draw archaeological evidence. 

Temple students who successfully complete (with a C- or better) credit-bearing coursework worth at least three semester hours in an approved summer or semester study abroad program with a minimum stay abroad of 28-days will satisfy the World Society (GG) requirement.


Excursions in Rome during orientation and weekly excursions to sites and museums nearby are designed to better understand the archaeological remains and artifacts in the broader context of the material culture in central Italy.

Depending on the weather and how the dig proceeds, excursions may include a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Artena; visit to the temple complex of Fortuna Primigenia in Palestrina; visit to ancient sites in Rome; in house lectures on introduction to the study and cataloging of ancient pottery; visit to the ancient city of Segni. 


Language of instruction



Students will be housed in single bedrooms in shared apartments in Rome and with the rest of the excavation team in a small local hotel near the excavation site in Artena.


Open to qualified students matriculated at U.S. colleges and universities.

Applying to the program

Application deadline:  February 15

For more information, contact:

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