Refund Policies and Procedures

In order to determine a student's eligibility for refunds of any fees, Education Abroad must first receive written notice of withdrawal from the student either by a signed letter or email. Education Abroad cannot accept notice of withdrawal by any other means, including phone calls or letters from parents. The only exception to this would be if a student were incapacitated. In this case the student's parents or guardians should contact Education Abroad.

Program and Housing Deposits: The $200 program deposit and $200 housing deposit are non-refundable should a student withdraw from the program.

Housing Fees: Please note that Temple makes a commitment to housing partners abroad on behalf of students immediately after the due date of students' housing forms and deposits. If a student withdraws from the program or from Temple-arranged housing after the due date and before the start of the program, Temple will attempt to obtain a refund of the housing costs, but a refund may not be possible; students may be liable for the full costs of housing and will be billed accordingly. By the time students arrive on-site, Temple has made irrevocable commitments on their behalf. Students withdrawing from the program or leaving their Temple-arranged housing at or after the start of the program will receive no refund. If a student is responsible for damages or missing items, Temple University will bill the student for the outstanding amount.

Other Program Fees (where applicable): Once charges are posted to student accounts and initial bills are generated, Temple makes commitments on behalf of students for various activities and services covered by program fees (if any) such as orientation events, meals and excursions, if they are offered as part of the program (please refer to the program information on the Education Abroad website for details of any other program fees). If a student withdraws from the program before initial bills are issued (see Billing Policies and Procedures for approximate initial billing dates), other program fees (if any) are refundable. After bills are issued, Temple will attempt to obtain a refund, but students need to be aware that a refund of program fees after the initial billing date may not be possible.

Tuition: Students will be charged 100% of their semester bill unless a course drop form is processed by a registration office of the university or the student successfully drops courses through Self Service Banner by the Drop/Add deadline date. Please note that deadlines may vary according to the Part of Term in which the course is scheduled. With some exceptions (see * below), students who process their course drops by the Drop/Add deadline date will be issued a 100% refund. After this, refunds are not possible, though there is provision for petitioning for a refund of tuition after the Drop/Add deadline date if there are serious extenuating circumstances. For Temple's refund policy concerning tuition, please refer to the undergraduate bulletin tuition section.

Program Suspension/Cancellation/Disruption: We encourage students to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance, which is available through many travel agents and insurance companies. Keep in mind that policies vary, so students should check with the travel insurance providers to find out what specific expenses they will cover and what trip cancellations reasons they will accept. Carefully review the exclusions. Students should also purchase flights with the most flexible change and refund policies and understand these policies and their financial responsibility before purchase, including any conditions related to the ability to use a cancelled ticket for a later flight. Temple University is not responsible for any costs students may incur, including airfare and any cancellation or change fees, in the event students withdraw from the program or the program is rescheduled, modified, or canceled by Temple. 

*Some of Temple’s programs involve partnerships with schools abroad. This information can be found on our website. For these programs Temple makes financial commitments on behalf of students to the partner institution; the amount of any tuition refund will depend upon what, if any, refund can be secured from the partner. If a student withdraws from the program before initial bills are generated, full tuition is refundable. If a student withdraws after bills are issued, Temple will attempt to obtain a refund, but a refund of tuition after the initial billing date is subject to the policies of our partners abroad.

Temple reserves the right to amend prices to reflect changes in economic conditions.