Architectural Design Studio Rome (G)

  • Course Number: 8234
  • Subject: Architecture
  • Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Spring
  • Credit Hours: 6
  • Description:

    A complex design investigation incorporating analysis of urban systems, observational research, data collection and analysis and the study of architectural precedents. The course immerses students in a heritage urban and architectural locale and asks them to engage in a complex design investigation, whose topic and scale is variable. Course may be used as equivalent of ARCH 8012 but may only be taken once.

  • Special Notes:

    Architecture 3234 is the undergraduate level course number. Architecture 8234 is the graduate level course number. Course may be used to satisfy one of the upper-level studios [Architecture 3231 (0231), 3232 (0232), or 4332 (0332)] for Temple students, but may only be taken once.

  • Cross-listings:

    This is the graduate level cross listing for ARCH 3234.

  • Pre-requisites:

    Appropriate background in studio Architecture or Landscape Architecture; a portfolio is required for admission to the Architecture studio course.