• Course Number: 3312
  • Subject: Biology
  • Semester(s) Offered: Fall
  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Description:

    This course is typically offered Fall, Spring and Summer I semesters.

    It serves as a general introductory biostatistics course tailored for undergraduate students. The lectures encompass fundamental concepts, theories, and a variety of statistical analyses. Students will engage in hands-on activities, including manual execution of statistical tests and computer labs where they will learn to apply programming with R to solve real-life biostatistical challenges using data sourced from biomedical research. No prior coding experience is required. In addition to R programming, the computer labs will introduce students to utilizing Microsoft Excel and GraphPad/Prism for statistical analyses. The course aims to equip students with essential knowledge and skills in biostatistical analyses, which are invaluable for their research or further studies in graduate and professional schools and their preparation for standardized exams such as MCAT. Furthermore, these competencies are highly relevant for careers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Special Notes:


  • Pre-requisites:

    Calculus II or introduction to probability and statistics for the life sciences (at Temple, Math 1042, 1044, 1942, 1951, or Math 2043 to 3080) with a minimum grade of C-; and introductory organismal biology (at Temple, Biology 1111 or 1911) with a minimum grade of C; and introductory cellular and molecular biology (at Temple, Biology 2112 or 2912) with minimum grade of C, or equivalents. Non-Temple students who have questions about their eligiblity for this course should contact Education Abroad.