Ethical Issues in Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, and Technology

  • Course Number: 0856
  • Subject: Bioengineering
  • Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Spring
  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Description:

    At some point in our lives, it is likely that each of us will be confronted with an ethical dilemma related to a biomedical technology. This course is designed to enable you to critically address important issues that arise as a result of advances in biomedical science, bioengineering and biotechnology. We will learn the science behind new technology such as genetic testing, gene editing, tissue engineering, human enhancement, artificial intelligence and medical imaging, with specific topics varying by semester. Challenging ethical questions will be considered using principles of ethical theories and frameworks, such as, is it ethical to create "designer babies", or what are the limits on what humans can do to enhance their performance? Material from peer-reviewed journal articles and reputable news sources will provide the basis for in-class discussions, scientific lectures, discussion boards, and structured debates. NOTE: This course fulfills a Science & Technology (GS) requirement for students under GenEd and Science & Technology Second Level (SB) for students under Core. Students cannot receive credit for this course if they have successfully completed BIOE 0956.

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