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Brexit Course Teaches Students to Apply Research to Real World

Global Temple Conference

Fri, March 8, 2019
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Whether in classrooms abroad or at home, international education is as much about ourselves as about others. Education Abroad’s AVP also teaches political science, and is currently engaging students on Britain’s exit from the European Union. The course draws important parallels between Brexit and trends in the US and elsewhere. Below is an excerpt from the full CLA story.

By: Nick Santangelo

By now, most people have heard of Brexit and have at least some understanding that it relates to Great Britain breaking away from the European Union (EU). But what exactly does that entail? Why and how is Britain leaving the EU?

To help Temple University students answer those questions, the College of Liberal Arts’ (CLA) Political Science Department is currently offering a Brexit elective course. According to Adjunct Associate Professor Alistair Howard, who also leads Temple’s Education Abroad office, the course was created in response to widespread student interest in the ever-more-bizarre events across the Atlantic.