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Wed, December 4, 2019
Global Good

The College of Liberal Arts prepares students for their future lives and careers by exposing them to new perspectives and teaching them how to ask the right questions and think critically about the world around them. For many of our students, experiential learning is one of the best ways to build that skill set. And one of the college’s myriad ways for students to learn outside the classroom is through the Intellectual Heritage Program’s study abroad opportunities.

Intellectual Heritage (IH) began offering study abroad trips four years ago as a way of showing students that questions asked in the curriculum’s texts about societal wellbeing are asked the world over. For instance, Intellectual Heritage II students read Plato’s Republic, and this past summer the program brought 40 students to study in Athens. But the program also took about 25 students to Seoul because, as Assistant Professor and Associate Director for Special Programs Genevieve Amaral explains, the classics can be studied through different lenses in every corner of the globe.

“We can see how those classics are applicable anywhere and can resonate with any culture,” says Dr. Amaral. “By taking literary and philosophical classics on journeys, we discover both new proof of their timelessness and universality and new limits to their explanatory power.”