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Wed, November 17, 2021
A picture of Maddy Sullivan

Study abroad staff selected as a finalist in the Fulbright International Education Award

Madelyn Sullivan, program manager for Temple Exchange Programs, including two universities in Germany, applied for the Fulbright U.S Scholar program in Germany twice despite the unprecedented year.

Sullivan initially applied in 2020, and was selected for the first round, but the program was canceled due to the pandemic. However, her dedication and perseverance led her to reapply again in 2021. She was selected again, making her one of about 15 people selected as finalists.

The U.S.- Germany International Education Administrators program is designed to help U.S higher education administrators from universities, colleges, and community colleges in the U.S understand the latest trends in Germany’s higher education system.

Sullivan’s passion for connecting with students interested in studying abroad, as well as her desire to become a leader in international education, are the main reasons why she applied.

“Through this IEA seminar, I will get firsthand knowledge of how German institutions work, elevating how I advise my students and how I share my knowledge with the university. I want to become a leader for international experiences at Temple, particularly highly immersive international experiences.”

According to Sullivan, the knowledge gained from this experience can also help her better Temple’s programs and make her more equipped to help students and faculty.

“By participating in the IEA seminar, I can use my experience to help develop new promotional materials, add information to our website, and connect with academic departments and advising units to share what I have learned,” she said.

The program allows participants to explore multiple destinations in Germany and discuss the German higher education system within the European Union, and enables them to explore the opportunities for academic exchanges in Germany and how to overcome challenges in times of crisis.

Sullivan emphasizes how important the program is, especially in times of crisis and following the unprecedented year of 2020. She notes that bringing back the experiences learned from this program could help start conversations about initiatives that might have been paused due to the pandemic, such as developing new exchanges with an emphasis on STEM courses.

“This is important in times of crisis like COVID where international initiatives have paused; these initiatives often take years to become successful, so attending a program like the Fulbright seminar is a great starting point.” she said.

- By Temi Oshadiya