Latin American Studies Semester Program

Latin American Studies Semester Program (LASS)

The Latin American Studies Semester has been offered every spring semester since 1973. This unique language immersion program provides you with an intensive experience studying the Spanish language in combination with an interdisciplinary study of life and contemporary issues in Latin America.

The prerequisite for participation in LASS is one semester of university-level Spanish or the equivalent (students with more advanced levels of course background are encouraged to participate in the program). LASS integrates several courses, totaling 18-semester-hour credits, and must be taken as a package. All courses are taught in Spanish from the first day of class on Temple’s main campus. An integral part of the LASS program is a three-week study trip to Latin America in February/March, during which students are placed in local homes where the only language of communication is Spanish. While abroad, students attend courses, make local friends, immerse themselves daily in the local culture and explore the country. The LASS program has taken place in Colombia, México, Costa Rica and Ecuador. All participants in the program may expect to achieve marked improvement in Spanish fluency in only one semester.


How to apply

You must apply for this program directly through the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. For more details, including eligibility requirements and to download the application, visit the LASS program web page.