External Programs Approval Process

Temple undergraduate students participating with an External Program are required to complete Temple's External Programs approval process. Completion of the approval process allows students to maintain full-time enrollment status, apply eligible financial aid and transfer credits earned abroad back to Temple. 

Graduate students: consult with your department about your options.

Steps to Study on an External Program

  1. Attend a Foundations of Study Abroad information session.
  2. Review the general eligibility requirements for participation.
  3. Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss your degree requirements and academic planning in regards to study abroad.
  4. Research approved external programs, keeping in mind program course offerings. 
  5. If you're unable to decide on one specific program, make a Program Exploration Appointment with an advisor at Education Abroad to discuss programs in which you're interested as well as other possibilities that may provide a good fit. (Optional)  
  6. Select a program and begin the appropriate process:
    • External Programs on the Approved List: Click on your Approved External Study Abroad Program and complete the Request to Study Abroad application through the Education Abroad online application/pre-departure system. Applications are typically reviewed within two (2) weeks after submission.
    • Direct Enrollment (Students considering applying directly to a university abroad for a study abroad term): Meet with Education Abroad staff to discuss your options.
    • Petition to Participate in an External Program Not on the Approved List: Meet with Education Abroad staff to discuss your options.
  7. Apply to your External Program. You can begin this application at the same time as your Request to Study Abroad, but note that the Temple program management team cannot submit your Home School Approval form to your External Program until you have completed your Request to Study Abroad and received approval from Temple Education Abroad. 
  8. Seek Temple course approvals by completing the Education Abroad Workflow in TUportal. Be sure to get more courses than you intend to take evaluated. As part of this process, your academic advisor will review the courses you plan to take and evaluate how they fit into your remaining degree requirements. 
  9. Upon receiving academic advisor approval for full time coursework for your semester of enrollment, submit a consortium agreement available on your Temple study abroad portal, to your external program for completion. More details are provided in your Temple study abroad portal. Once your consortium agreement is completed by your program provider and Temple Student Financial Services, your registration will be finalized.
  10. Complete all supplementary tasks and forms located in your online Temple study abroad account.

Request to Study Abroad

First, complete and submit a Request to Study Abroad application on or before the application deadline. Our team will review your request to ensure that the program is an appropriate fit and that you meet the general eligibility requirements for study abroad.

  • This includes an Academic Advisor Form, available within the online application. This form is completed by your academic advisor, who will be asked to confirm your course selection for this program is appropriate for your academic plan. Be sure to request your recommendation by the application deadline.
  • Once your request has been processed, you should expect to receive a decision via an email to your Temple email account within 2 weeks of acceptance. If your request is approved, you'll be granted access to remaining pre-departure information, materials, and requirements.

Then, apply to your program provider! Remember, their deadline might be earlier or later than the Temple deadline to request approval.

Course Approvals Process

If you are accepted to your program, you will submit your planned courses for approval through Temple's External and Exchange Course Approval Process. Completion of the approval process will allow you to maintain full-time enrollment status, apply eligible financial aid to your program, and transfer credits earned abroad back to Temple.

View more details about the course approvals process.