Food for Thought: Sociological Thinking About Food.

  • Course Number: 2545
  • Subject: Sociology
  • Semester(s) Offered: Fall, Spring
  • Credit Hours: 3
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    Are we what we eat? How have our choices about what (and how much) to eat been shaped by society, and by our social and cultural identities? How and why are our culinary choices associated with social pleasures, social anxieties, negative public health outcomes, and the changing environment? Can we make alternative food choices and support food-oriented social change that help create a more equitable, sustainable, healthy and delicious world? This course raises these and other sociological questions about food and food systems, critically examining some of the answers that sociologists and other social scientists have provided. The focus will be on the U.S., but a range of relevant global issues and case studies will be addressed.

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