Temple Japan offers a specialized spring semester architecture program for students majoring in architecture, architectural studies, and urban design/studies. The program is designed to open up the world of Japanese architecture – its history, traditions and influences as well as its highly unique contemporary forms, challenges, practices and innovations – to the student. 

Japan possesses one of the most exciting architectural landscapes in the world, encompassing exquisite wooden temples, minuscule micro-houses and futuristic skyscrapers on seismic fault lines. Yet Japan is also facing unprecedented architectural challenges; such as the rebuilding of Tohoku, rapidly changing demographics, global economic uncertainty and ever increasing issues related to the environment and sustainability. What Japan does next in terms of the built environment and urban planning will be watched by architects worldwide. 

Key Features:

  • You will gain an understanding of the history and sources of Japanese architecture and urbanism and become conversant in contemporary thought and practice in Japanese architecture and urban planning.
  • Tokyo itself will become your classroom, as you'll engage in frequent class trips in the city with your professors and guest lecturers.
  • You enroll in one studio course and one seminar, and choose additional courses from Temple Japan’s course offerings in various disciplines.
  • You will register for the following Architecture classes:
    • Architecture 3233/8233 | Architecture Design Studio in Tokyo (6 credits)
    • Architecture 3242/8242 | Urban Seminar in Japan (3 credits)
  • Please note that the work for the Design Studio is mostly digital; students do not have access to dedicated studio space.
  • A typical course load is 12-18 credit hours.
  • You're strongly encouraged to consider taking Japanese language and/or Asian Studies courses.

    To get an inside perspective at the Architecture program at Temple Japan, take a look at the Spring Semester Architecture Program website, made by recent alumni of the program. (Disclaimer: Any recommendations for housing are the opinions of the students and are not endorsed by Temple Education Abroad.)

    Application Requirements

    The standard application requirements pertain to all students applying to Temple programs.

      In addition, students who wish to enroll in the six-credit design course must submit a portfolio.

      Application Notes

      With a structured curriculum, architecture students often ask when they should attend Temple Japan. Below is a guide, but please contact Education Abroad if you have questions about the appropriate term for you.

      Student BackgroundTerm to Study Abroad at Temple Japan
      Temple architecture majorsTypically junior or senior year; Master of Architecture students may also participate.
      Temple architectural preservation and facilities management majorsYou may take the three-credit architecture seminar during your semester in Japan and should discuss the best timing with your academic advisor.
      Non-Temple architecture majorsConsult with your home institution to determine the appropriate semester to study abroad.


      • Temple students applying for the architecture program should note that they may be considered for a different term and/or a different campus (i.e. Rome). In your application you can indicate if you would like to be considered for either term and campus.

      Application Deadlines

      • Spring 2024: Temple students should apply by June 15, 2023. These applications are reviewed after that deadline, not on a rolling admissions basis.
        • Temple students: apply using the Architecture Programs application (link below).
        • Non-Temple students: apply using the Japan Semester/Year application, due October 1, 2023 (link below).