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If you are committed to developing your Spanish language skills and understanding of Spanish culture, Temple's Spring Semester in Spain program offers an unparalleled opportunity for you. Based at the University of Oviedo, this program provides an immersive linguistic and cultural experience, combining in-class language instruction with a homestay and daily interaction with Oviedo citizens. Removed from the heavy tourism of other Spanish towns, Oviedo, the capital of Asturias, is rich in Spanish history and culture and offers easy access to nearby cities, the mountains and the coast. This off-the-beaten-path location provides students with a truly authentic experience. You'll not only improve your language skills, but you'll learn about the region's traditions, history and cuisine, and you might even learn to cook local dishes from your host family!

As a program participant, you will be enrolled in the Cursos de Lengua y Cultura Españolas para Extranjeros program, which for 35 years has offered courses in Spanish language and culture to international students. An integral part of the university, the program offeres a broad range of courses, conducted in Spanish at the intermediate and advanced levels, and is housed at La Casa de las Lenguas, a center dedicated to language learning on the university's Campus de El Milán. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE, Spring 2021 Semester

October 15, 2020: After a thorough review of current circumstances and much discussion with our colleagues in Oviedo and on Main Campus, Temple University will not be able to offer the spring 2021 Temple in Spain semester study abroad program. Please see our program cancellation notice.