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Temple faculty and staff are very important to the mission and efforts of the Education Abroad office. You play a significant role in Temple students’ decisions to study abroad, and it is only in partnership with Temple faculty and staff that we are able to create and promote the international educational opportunities that enrich Temple students’ educational experiences.

More than 1000 Temple students study abroad each year, reaching a record 1535 in 2017-2018. Temple faculty, staff and advisors are significant partners in ensuring that we continue to enhance students' educations with global experiences.

What can you do?

Reassure your undergraduates of the value of studying abroad. It's not simply a "trip" or "adventure" though that is certainly a part of the experience. Study abroad is about learning: in the classroom and out; about the world and ourselves; a broadening and deepening of what it means to be a global citizen. Consider ways you and colleagues can promote study abroad, and please let us know what we can do to help you, either in planning your own overseas study program or advising your undergraduates participating in or exploring an educational program abroad. 

Read below for more ways to support international education at Temple.


Study abroad is a credit-bearing academic experience that requires coordination and collaboration between Education Abroad and Temple faculty and advisors. Faculty and advisors are critical to encouraging students to consider study abroad, and advising them on how study abroad can fit into their degree programs. Students may consult their academic advisor and faculty for assistance completing an Approval to Study Abroad on an External Program form, an agreement that analyzes credit transfer from study abroad toward major, minor, or certificate program requirements, and electives. Read more about advising for study abroad.

Faculty-led programs

Faculty members also develop and lead short-term study abroad programs, enriching the curricular offerings for Temple students. Learn about proposing a faculty-led program.

Temple Global Connect

Take advantage of Temple's global reach, and enrich your students’ learning by hosting a virtual guest lecture or student discussion with a faculty member from abroad. Temple Global Connect (introduced in Fall 2020 as the International Collaboration Connection Program) was launched as part of International Education Week: Global Reach, Global Teach, and the first cohort collaborated in Spring 2021. The purpose of this program is to enrich Temple students' intercultural learning by collaborating with colleagues across Temple's campuses and partners worldwide. The program offers an extension of the overseas campuses' existing virtual guest lectures, broadening participation of faculty university-wide and across disciplines.

Learn more and connect with fellow faculty.

Visiting Faculty Opportunities 

While limited opportunities exist for faculty to teach abroad at one of Temple's overseas campuses (inquire directly with the Dean's in Rome or Tokyo), there are countless opportunities to do so through one of Temple's many exchange partner universities. Short-term, semester-long, and year-round visiting faculty opportunities are available at Temple’s partner universities in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Teaching and research positions are offered in a range of disciplines including Business, Communication, Engineering, International Relations, Law, Leadership, Marketing, Medicine, and Tourism – among others. Many of these openings include a stipend, housing, and round-trip airfare. Deadlines are dependent upon the specific university. Contact Temple’s Global Programs to learn more about this option.

Request a class visit

Would you like a staff member to present to your class about study abroad opportunities?

Education Abroad is always available to conduct short classroom presentations to inform students about the many study abroad options available at Temple. Class visit presentations generally last between 10-20 minutes and are frequently scheduled at the beginning or end of the class period to minimize the any interruption to class. The presentation can either be a general overview of study abroad and program options or it can be more focused on a specific program(s). The presentation can also be expanded to cover these topics in more detail during a full class period, if requested. If you would like to schedule a class visit, please complete our online form and a member of our staff will be in touch with you shortly.