Global Green Grant Application

Updated August 30, 2023

As part of Temple University Education Abroad’s commitment to helping students become global citizens and to reducing the impact and carbon footprint of education abroad, we encourage students to apply for grants of up to $500, which will support student projects or research focused on sustainability during their time abroad. These grants are co-sponsored by Temple University’s Office of Sustainability. All students studying abroad on Temple-run programs (both Temple and non-Temple students) are eligible to apply for this grant, as are Temple students studying on external programs. For the Spring 2024 semester, the grants are open to Temple Rome, Japan and Spain only.

Your Project

The form of this sustainability work can vary broadly. You may use the funds from this grant to undertake research, plan an event, create a documentary, attend a conference, execute a project, etc. The scope of this work may also vary according to your study abroad location and your interests. For example, you might tackle environmental impact, climate justice, economic development, etc., as long as there is a clear tie to sustainability. Use your creativity! 

We encourage you to research your ideas and be as detailed as possible in your project proposal. For example, if you are proposing attending a conference, which conference and why? What do you hope to gain from this experience, and how will you use it to inform your sustainability goals or better programming for your fellow students? If you are proposing setting up an event, what organizations exist in your host country that you might connect with to make this happen? What would be the benefit to them in participating? If you are proposing research, which faculty on your program might be a logical resource for you? What is your proposed timeline, and what is the starting hypothesis of your research? 

N.B. This grant is not intended to be used for financial need or personal expenses, nor is it intended to be used towards regular blogging and/or social media posting about sustainability. (If you are interested in a regular blogging opportunity, consider applying to be an Education Abroad Storyteller instead.) It is to be used exclusively for the funding of a distinct project and/or research.

Process and Requirements

Once accepted to your study abroad program, submit this sustainability grant application by the appropriate deadline listed below. Your application should include a plan for how you intend to use the funds for your project. Accepted grant recipients will meet regularly with an Education Abroad mentor to develop and implement their project. Prior to departure, grant recipients will attend a meeting with their mentor and sign a commitment to sustainability practices abroad. The first half of the grant funds will be disbursed near the start of the term abroad. A final video or written (700-800 words) blog post, along with any final project deliverables will be due by one week prior to the end of the term. The second half of the grant funds will be disbursed following on-time receipt of these items. Grant recipients may also have the opportunity to participate in a symposium or focus group after returning.


TermApplication Deadline
Fall/Academic Year 2022-23

July 15th (opens June 15)

Spring 2023November 20 (opens October 15)


Please stay tuned for the Fall 2024 application.