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Thank you for your interest in Temple University study abroad options for your students. Temple offers a variety of opportunities for students from all majors and interests to integrate a global perspective into their academic career. Students from our partner universities and colleges across the U.S. have studied abroad on Temple University programs in Rome, Tokyo, Oviedo, and summer programs worldwide.

We aim to provide access to quality study abroad opportunities that encourage student development, engage with the local community, and adhere to the highest health, safety and security standards. Our staff members on Main Campus and abroad look forward to working with you and your students to help them achieve a rewarding and successful experience abroad.

We hope the below information is helpful to you in advising your students. You can also view the information for Non-Temple students to see the guidance we provide to your students and contact us for more information.

Program Options

All Temple-operated programs are open to matriculated students at colleges and universities across the U.S.

Campus-based Programs

Faculty-led Summer Programs

Temple University’s faculty-led summer study abroad offerings serve a variety of needs — whether you are looking to take courses in your major or minor, enhance your general studies, or acquire language skills, we hope that one of our programs will allow you to achieve your academic goals.

Learn more about Temple's Faculty-Led Summer Summer programs.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Non-Temple students studying on a Temple-administered program are eligible to apply for need-based scholarships specifically for non-Temple students. Learn more about non-Temple Student Scholarships.

Your ability to use financial aid can vary depending on your home institution's policies. View our Financial Aid for Non-Temple students section for details.

Application and Forms

Students apply online, and their application includes a home college approval form, which they will provide to you for signature and then upload themselves.

Program Support and Pre-departure Information

All students who have been accepted to one of our programs will receive detailed pre-departure information designed specifically for the students participating in that program. Accepted students access their pre-departure information by logging into their account within our online application system. Online pre-departure orientation sessions are held for students led by program managers and staff.  If you are advising a student and would like any of this information, please send a request to In your request, please indicate the program and semester of your student. 

Read more about Education Abroad program support.

Health and Safety Information

Visit our Health and Safety page for information related to student health, insurance, medications, and general safety advice.

Accreditation, Credit Transfer, and Transcripts

Visit our Accreditation and Transcripts page for more information.


For more information, to join our listserv, or to request an appointment to discuss our programs and your institutional needs in more detail, please contact Sarah Short Hutyra, Assistant Director for Institutional Relations at .

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