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Your Carbon Footprint

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Know your carbon footprint and how to reduce it

Take direct flights whenever possible. As the infographic below shows, a typical flight from Philadelphia to Rome emits about 1.2 tons of CO2, while adding a connecting flight through O’Hare emits more than 1.4. 

info graphic comparing carbon emissions of direct and indirect flights to Rome

Stay local and explore your host country and city for a more immersive experience, and when you do travel, take less-carbon intensive modes of transportation. A single journey from London to Paris via air emits 59kg of CO2 vs. just 2kg for a train ride -- plus, it takes nearly 2 times as long to travel via air, once you calculate transportation to the airport and waiting time (and not counting flight delays!).

info graphic comparing a journey from London to Paris

What’s yours? 

Use one of these tools to calculate your total semester carbon footprint:

Find greener flights: 


While it’s most important to reduce our carbon footprint, some emissions remain unavoidable and you may wish to offset that portion of your travel abroad. When you do seek offsets, be sure to research your provider and choose donations or volunteer opportunities that are meaningful to you: