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Temple University Rome, established in 1966, provides students from a variety of disciplines the opportunity to study in Rome for an academic year, semester or summer. Over its more than 50-year history, Temple Rome has maintained a strong academic and cultural program that takes advantage of the splendid resources Rome and Italy have to offer, both historical and contemporary. 

Courses taught at Temple Rome are specifically designed to enhance your understanding of your new surroundings. Many allow you to bring context and life to your studies through frequent on-site instruction within Rome and excursions to other cities, and by incorporating guest speakers and critics into the curriculum. Internships are also available. The program is open to qualified students matriculated at U.S. colleges and universities.


Temple Rome Spring 2021 Program Updates (September 11, October 1, November 2, November 18 and December 22)

Temple Rome Undergraduate Summer 2021 APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN. We expect this program to fill well before the deadline and encourage early application.

Fall 2020 update (July 17, 2020): After a thorough review of current circumstances and much discussion with our colleagues in Rome and on Main Campus, Temple University will not be able to offer the fall 2020 semester study abroad program at Temple Rome. Please see our program cancellation notice.