Cinematic and Performing Arts

With a rich history in arts and culture, the Eternal City offers a unique location for studying cinematic and performing arts. Temple Rome offers a variety of courses in film and media arts, as well as special offerings in theater and dance in select terms.


    Delve into the film history or media production in Rome.

    • Courses offered in the history of film and film and video analysis in the fall term, or Media Arts for Non-production Majors in fall and spring
    • Site visits in Rome and excursions to other Italian cities


    Temple Rome offers theater courses in select semesters. Combine your study of the history of theater in the fall semester, or creative acts (Arts GenEd) in the summer term, with Italian language and/or other Temple Rome course offerings to complete your semester.


    Don’t miss your chance to study dance in Rome in Summer 2024!

    Choose Intensive Dance and you’ll enroll in the following courses

    • Dance 3818: Somatic Dance Explorations II (2 credits)
    • Dance 2868: Studies in Dance: Bodywork and Stretching (1 credit)
    • Dance 3812: Creative Process in Dance (3 credits)

    Courses focus on investigating the motives and values in creating dance and the development of individual aesthetics; fundamentals of dance practice such as body work and stretching; and a range of somatic practices such as Bartenieff Fundamentals, Alexander Technique, and yoga—practices that have become widely incorporated into the contemporary dance field as a means of developing greater movement efficiency, enhancing mindfulness, and preventing injuries.   


    Inquire about alternative course combinations with other offerings at Temple Rome.

    Students posing for a dance photo in Rome--photo provided by Jillian Harris