Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Temple Rome offers a variety of opportunities to complete coursework in the STEM fields.


Key Features

(Fall Semester Only)

  • Courses available in biology.
  • The general recommended set of courses includes:
    • Two biology courses.
    • Italian language course. Note: Italian 1001: Italian Language I is required if you have not already completed this course or an equivalent introductory college-level Italian language course.
    • 1-2 additional courses. For most Temple students, a GenEd course is recommended if appropriate for your degree plan. Non-Temple students may select a GenEd course if desired or choose an additional course(s) from the other offerings.
  • Site visits to research and clinical facilities and guest lectures.

Temple Rome also offers several math courses. Please visit the course listings for current offerings.



(Spring Semester Only)

From the aqueducts and architecture of Ancient Rome; to the rapid and qualitative advances in technology that allowed Renaissance Rome to become a very productive society, raise standards of living and support the arts; to modern infrastructure developments and challenges, Rome provides an ideal location for studying engineering. The Temple Rome program offers courses integral to your engineering degree in a setting where you will truly appreciate how modern engineering developed and the role of engineering in shaping the world, while also immersing yourself in Italian language and culture.

Key Features

  • 3 courses in engineering, designed for fourth-semester mechanical or civil engineering majors, taught by local engineering faculty
    • Engineering 2332 | Engineering Dynamics (3 credits) Spring
    • Engineering 2333 | Mechanics of Solids (3 credits) Spring
    • Engineering 3571 | Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics (3 credits) Spring
  • 1-2 additional courses from a wide range of offerings in other disciplines (Italian 1001 required, if you have not already completed this course or an equivalent introductory college-level Italian language course)
  • Site visits and guest lectures, allowing students to learn first-hand about the challenges and accomplishments of engineering, both historical and contemporary, within Italy

Student Experience

Video below created by Salman Alotaibi, Temple University Rome Engineering student, Spring 2017.